How to start an e-commerce web site?

How much does it cost? Where to start? What provider? What do I need to be able to sell and manage my inventory?

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  1. The following guide gives the essential information to start. The major points are covered including support, payment online, security, marketing, CRM, etc.

    I recomment to get to Yahoo small business:
    which is simple and reliable.
    For $40 dollars a month and 1,5% transaction fees (starter package), you can start your business. Other options are also available for higher volumes.

    Publicado por neoentrepreneur | marzo, 20:11
  2. What is the long-term concerns you should address with your web hosting provider?

    I guess, you need to negotiate your SLA (Service Level Agreement). What it means is what kind of guarantee you need from your web hosting provider in terms of percentage of hours the web site will be up.

    I would also be concerned about how flexible the contract is in terms of the future inclusion of new technologies or functionalities. Or is it something that the WEB Hosting company is not involved with?

    Publicado por Nestor | marzo, 23:25


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