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CRM – The Customer is King

I am glad you found your way to my blog

I am basically preparing this blog as a way to keep in one place what I find and learn from research of CRM strategy. That’s what a blog is for, isn’t it? You write a notebook that eventually may become a reference for somebody else who interested in the same topic…

OK. So here we go with my first post:

The main goals of finding how to attract, develop and keep customers in the most profitable manner possible are still the same they used to be when the acronym CRM started being used. At the beginning, these types of initiatives and projects seemed risky and their real benefits didn’t seem to be too clear. Ten or twelve years later, these initiatives have become one of the top 5 priorities in many organizations, especially considering the current pricing model built on top of SOA‘s (service oriented architectures) and SaaS (Software as a Service) offerings.

It seems though that CRM and all the software packages being offered are more focused on providing customer information to the sales force to speed the sales cycle and to be able to sell more, and to focus their efforts on those more cost-effective relationships. But is the real center of these transactions, the customer, really being taken care for, and are we really taking advantage of what they are telling us during their “business transactions”?

Data from customers and potential customers is out there (marketing intelligence). The technology to explore that data to identify to which customers you will allocate resources is there too, so how to empower companies with this information and tools to improve their performance while also developing good and lasting relationships with their clients?

How to map data and technology onto the company’s strategy and translate those efforts into better training of the front end: customer service reps, sales force, IVR systems, etc?

I want to explore the origins and current developments of the most well-known software solutions and analyze how their efforts align to a Corporate Customer Relationship Strategy. I will publish some articles, news, and information in my quest to keep myself updated in this topic.

Please feel free to post questions, comments, and suggestions.

Thank you!


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3 comentarios en “CRM – The Customer is King

  1. I think your comment about exploring data to identify which customers to allocate resources to is absolutely correct…unfortunately I see very few companies use the data in that way. Even when provided with the facts many business owners will still prefer their opinion of the relationship.

    Publicado por Mark Simmons | abril, 11:55
    • Thank you Mark for visiting my blog and for your comment!!

      I agree with you. Many companies get lost in their day-to-day operations leaving behind a strategic plan on how to address their business goals and how respond to market shifts, and to what the customer really expects and wants.
      For example, market segmentation should help them to allocate their resources and realign. I have seen too many times that it is difficult to make them understand that what today may seem as low profitable segments can become a new niche that is still not being served by the competitors. But it is only with data that they can have a clear picture of what their clients are telling them and how to address any shifts that need to happen.
      Thanks again!

      Publicado por TechBusinessNotes | abril, 12:03
  2. Your comment about exploring the data to decide which customers to allocate resource to is so true….unfortunately I see many companies that cannot see it. Even when presented with the facts a business owner will often prefer to trust his/her own opinion of the relationship. Fine if in the early stages but I see too many businesses hold onto unprofitable customers whilst damaging the relationship with profitable ones.

    Publicado por Mark Simmons | abril, 11:58


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