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What’s your story?

We would like very much to hear from different types of entrepreneurs, from the Franchise owner, to the freelancer, to the owner of the dry cleaning service, independent professionals, the mother working from home, the web designer, and the list could go on an on… It could be so enlightening to read your story in your … Sigue leyendo

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How Entrepreneurs Succeed ?

Acording to Rhiannon Williamson from Shelter Offshore, every great entrepreneur naturally has 5 key attributes that sets them aside from their competition and that ensure they will succeed where others may fail: 1) Desire – To succeed you have to have a massive desire to break out of the average 9 – 5 grind, to … Sigue leyendo

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Entrepreneurship focus of Lubatkin’s research

  Michael Lubatkin’s career challenges have ranged from the complexities of teaching elementary school to researching the “dark side of household altruism” in family-owned firms. Lubatkin, a professor of business management, was already an internationally recognized scholar by 2000, when he was gently nudged in a new research direction with his appointment to the Thomas … Sigue leyendo

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All right… I will need to learn some stuff..

Yep. It seems that my new Empire is asking me to review some concepts and learn one or two new techniques… maybe about Internet resources, or advertising, or how to deal with providers and distributors? Any courses or books you can recommend here? I wouldn’t mind taking some extra-training… I want to do it right…

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